2017 – FIAT UNO

Fiat Uno, the owner of a successful career in the Brazilian market, arrives at the 2017 line with a deep technological renovation, further enhancing its levels of modernity, sophistication and constant evolution without losing the attributes that have already consecrated it, such as bold design, generous use of internal space, excellent finishing, comfort, robustness and reliability.A symbol of innovation, Uno 2017 was chosen to debut FCA’s new FIREFLY global family of engines, with 1.0 three-cylinder versions and 1.3 four-cylinder versions. Small but powerful, they offer the highest torque in their respective segments coupled with low fuel consumption and low emissions.Uno 2017 also comes packed with new technologies. Electric steering with City function as standard on all versions, electronic stability control (ESC), traction control (TC), Hill Holder assistance, ASR anti-slip system, new super tires, among others.And that’s not all. The Fiat Uno 2017 also increased the offer of Start & Stop, which now comes standard on all versions with 1.3 engine, including those equipped with Dualogic transmission.Externally the Fiat Uno 2017 arrives with a more modern and beautiful look. It has gained new grille and front bumper, as well as alloy wheels for the Way and Sporting versions and new tracks for Sporting. The newly refurbished, fully refurbished interior has received new graphics for the dashboard with 3.5-inch LCD display in high resolution, complemented by comfort and convenience items such as multimedia center with 6.2-inch screen, rear view camera electric with tilt down function, multifunction steering wheel, on-board computer and paddle shift for the Dualogic versions.The line is well complete, consisting of six versions, all in body 4 doors: Attractive 1.0 Flex, 1.0 Flex Way, 1.3 Flex Way, Sporting 1.3 Flex, 1.3 Way Dualogic Flex and Sporting 1.3 Flex Dualogic.New global family of FIREFLY motors, symbol of power and efficiencyThe new Uno 2017 is FCA’s first global scale model to receive the new worldwide family of FIREFLY engines. It has been developed to meet the most stringent standards and standards for energy efficiency, emissions and durability worldwide. The new engines not only comply with the Euro 6 and Proconve L6 resolutions but are already prepared for the next stages of these programs and have passed the rigorous testing of the North American market, which provides for a minimum durability of 150,000 miles or 240,000 kilometers.
The unveiled 1.0 three-cylinder engines and 1.3 four-cylinder engines that equip the Uno 2017 adopt the architecture of 2 valves per cylinder with optimized set geometry – first used in three-cylinder 1.0 engines. This architecture results in high power, the highest torque at low revs of their respective categories and low fuel consumption.

The advanced combustion system of the new Flex engines allows greater efficiency with both ethanol and gasoline, representing the new state of the art for two-valve engines per cylinder: the 1.0 achieves power of 72 hp and torque of 102 Nm (petrol) and 77 hp and 107 Nm (ethanol), while the 1.3 reaches 101 hp and 135 Nm (gasoline) and 109 hp and 140 Nm (ethanol).The numbers show that the new family is unbeatable in low-rev torque – allowing the engine to work in reduced gyration, ensuring greater fuel economy, lower emissions, quieter onboard and more pleasurable driving.Of modular construction, with aluminum block, this new family comprises variants of three and four cylinders with a single dimension of piston and of cylinder in the two cases. This design allows several components to be shared, rationalizing production and facilitating maintenance, since the same component can serve both engines, 1.0 and 1.3.Its development was based on two fundamental concepts for its category:
Efficiency : to be reference in low consumption allied to excellent performance.Reliability : Solid and sturdy construction, resulting in high durability.The modern design of the new family also gave these engines the highest (13.2: 1) compression ratio, above most four-valve per cylinder and direct injection engines on the global market.Power steering as standard on all versionsThe Fiat Uno 2017 comes standard with all power steering versions. The system provides greater comfort to the driver. All versions have also received the City: activated by a button on the panel, leaves the steering virtually 50% lighter during parking maneuvers.Another advantage of the electric assist steering system is the low power consumption, corresponding to approximately 8% of the consumption of a hydraulic assistance system. This increased efficiency also results in reduced fuel consumption.
In the technological package of series of the new Uno 2017 also counts the assisted starting system, which increases the safety and provides more comfort to the driver. Once the driver turns the key in a light touch and take the hand, the system itself starts the engine until the engine runs. There is also the Tip Start function, which prevents damage to the vehicle, such as traction of the vehicle in the starter motor.

Sophisticated security features
The technological safety features of the Fiat Uno 2017 are a separate chapter. In addition to the dual air-bag and ABS brakes with EBD as standard, the electronic brake central now offers the model several important newfunctions to increase occupant safety. Are they:ESC (Electronic Stability Control): Controls the stability of the vehicle by applying the brake individually on each wheel and torque-motor dosing to limit the loss of control by skidding in a sudden emergency situation, such as an abrupt deviation. That is, identify the risk before and stabilize the car by braking the wheels individually.C (Traction Control): Limits slippage of a single driven wheel, transferring the equivalent torque across the differential to the other wheel, allowing the vehicle to accelerate properly.Hill Holder : Helps the driver in the slopes, with application, maintenance and release of the brake during the maneuver, preventing the car from ‘descending’ accidentally. Until then, only Fiat Toro, 500 and Bravo T-Jet models were fittedASR (Anti-Spin Regulation): Allows the vehicle to start or accelerate on slippery or wet floors, preventing wheels from skidding, thus reducing loss of grip and also premature or uneven tire wear.
HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assist): Helps the driver to reach and maintain ABS intervention during emergency braking maneuver, reducing the braking distance.RM (Electronic Roll Mitigation): Prevents or reduces the loss of contact of one of the wheels with the ground in fast maneuvers, like change of track or deviattart & Stop with Smart Alternator as standard in versions 1.3e Start & Stop system, which aims at fuel economy – which can represent more than 20% – and the reduction of the pollutant gases like CO2, is now equipped as standard with all versions with 1.3 engine of the new Uno 2017, including those with exchange Dualogiche dashboard of these versions features items to assist the driver in driving and using the system. In addition, sensors assist in proper operation and safety, such as the sensor on the gearbox for recognition of the N position and the driver’s seatbelt sensor to ensure that the split will only be made with it buckled. If the customer does not want Start & Stop to go into action, the car dashboard has a button to disable the system.

These versions with Start & Stop also received the new Smart Charging System, or smart alternator. Objectives: To help further reduce fuel consumption and emissions, as well as increase vehicle performance and driving pleasure. For this, the system optimizes the battery charge by the alternator, preventing the motor from unnecessarily generating power to the equipment. The intelligent alternator has some functions to ensure system reliability:Regenerative Braking : When the vehicle is braking, descending or decelerating, part of the mechanical energy lost in these processes is recovered and stored in the battery.ssive Boost : Under certain acceleration conditions it has decreased or even temporarily suspends the engine power absorption by the alternator, so that it can be used to improve performance or reduce fuel consumption and emissions.Steady State : When the vehicle is running at full throttle, it regulates the power generated by the alternator to meet the need for balance at the lowest energy cost, absorbing only the power re : Function to ensure the reliability of the power system. It aims to protect the battery when it reaches a critical condition.Super-green tires : New tires are also developed with sustainable technology especially for the model. Super-green tires are standard for all versions of Uno 2017. They feature a rounded profile and better distribution of the ground contact area, more resistant and prepared for Brazilian soil.
Sophisticated and clever from the entry version addition to all these technologies, the new Uno 2017 brings an extensive list of series items that give it a high level of sophistication, combined with its already established use of internal space, comfort, modern interior and current and iconic design with its own personality.

Since the attractive version 1.0 Flex the new Uno 2017 comes from factory very equipped, with air conditioning, electric steering with City function, brake light + emergency braking signals, fog lights, Lane Change function to assist the arrow control, On-board computer, front and rear electric windows with one touch and anti-smash, electric door lock with automatic operation at 20 km / h, illuminated instrument panel with spins, welcome moving and high resolution LCD display equipped with onboard computer A B, multifunction steering wheel to control the functions of the on-board computer and more.The new Uno 2017 Way 1.0 Flex adds a few more version-specific items, such as longitudinal bars on the roof, interior details in graphite color, headlights with black mask, higher height relative to the ground, gray wheelbarrow frames, side friezes door with Way inscription, rear lights with smoked finish and external mirrors with direction indicator lights, among others.The Uno Way 1.3 Flex adds to the standard version of the Way & Stop 1.0 version of the Way 1.0 version, a pocketknife with remote control for opening and closing doors and electric windows, RDS radio with auxiliary input and USB input for MP3 / WMA.The new Uno 2017 Way 1.3 Flex Dualogic brings the Dualogic transmission even more efficient with the performance of the Hill Holder, the slope aid system. Another important feature are the buttons installed in the center console, dispensing with the use of the lever, another pioneering and exclusivity of the Uno. The system also includes the paddle shift, butterflies behind the wheel for manual shift of the gears. Electronic components such as ESC (electronic stability control), TC (traction control) and ASR (braking anti-lock braking system) complete the standard features of this version.
The Sporting 1.3 Flex version brings the contents of the Way plus more specific items of the version: suspension with sports set-up, rear spoiler in gloss black color, 15-inch alloy wheels, chrome central dual exhaust tip, front grille in black color glossy, front bumper with red accents, external door handles and glossy black mirrors, exclusive side straps with Sporting writing, horizontal stripe on the dashboard and interior details – knobs, instrument panel and steering wheel trim – in Royal Red color.The new Uno 2017 Sporting 1.3 Flex Dualogic adds the Dualogic transmission controlled by buttons installed in the center console, paddle shift and electronic comfort and safety systems like ESC, TC, ASR and Hill Holder.All versions offer two different option packages: Comfort Kit (more comfort-oriented items) and Kit Tech (composed of various technological contents).
In the range of colors the offer is also wide: for the Attractive are three solid options, Alpine Red, Banchisa White and Black Vulcan, and five more Metals, Oppulence Red, Bari Silver, Scandium Gray, Vesuvio Black and White Alaska (pearly). The Way versions can still receive the solid Kalahari White and the metallic Gray Telurium andAmazon Green, while Sporting offers the exclusive Red Modena.But not there, the consumer of Uno 2017 can make it even more complete and sophisticated. MOPAR, which develops and markets accessories for the FCA product line, arrives with more than 160 customization items for the model. Among them, multimedia central, rear-view camera with LCD screen image attached to the internal mirror, custom interior, alloy wheels, support for bicycle, among others.In addition to all these new features, the Uno 2017 also comes with the full three-year warranty, and features the benefits of Confiat, such as car reservations, towing, mechanical help and lodging. The after-sales experience will also be made easier for the customer with Mopar contracts and services. He may opt for scheduled revision packages already at the time of vehicle purchase – the Tailor Made Review. Thus, it is possible to dilute the values ​​of the revisions that the consumer wants in the financing installments, if this is the form of purchase. Also for the Fiat Uno will be offered extended warranty directly from the factory. The customer may purchase 12 or 24 months of warranty plus the contract of the vehicle. The objective is to provide the owner of Uno 2017 with comfort, tranquility and safety.